Telford Occupational Health Service

The Occupational Health Physician

The aims of the occupational health service are:-

1. To promote, protect and maintain the health, safety and welfare of peope at work;
2. To advise on the rehabilitation and placement in suitable work of those temporarily or permanently incapacitated by illness or injury;
3. Advise on the provision of safe and healthy conditions by informed assessment of the physical and psychological aspects of the working environment;
4. Carry out or promote research into the causes of occupational diseases and injury and into the means of their prevention;
5. Educate all concerned in the attainment and preservation of good health;

The TOHS team of physicians comprises of a Medical Director, who is a Consultant Occupational Health Physician, together with Medical Advisers, all of whom hold the Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

In practice, the ranges of service that our doctors are called upon to provide are within the following categories:-

1. Good pre-employment advice;
2. Health surveillance based on HSE Guideline and Legislation;
3. Attendance, rehabilitation and retirement advice based on current 'best standards';
4. Workplace visits, assessments and reports;
5. To work closely with the management team to promote well being and good health at work.



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