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Managing Stress in the Workplace

It is estimated that stress-related illness costs British Industry more than £7 million annually and accounts for 40 million lost working days. These are conservative estimates and do not take into account more indirect effects of stress. Research has shown that high levels of occupational stress are linked to high absenteeism, high staff turnover, high accident rates, job dissatisfaction and poor productivity.

By ignoring the warning signs of stress amongst the workforce, employers are running the risk of litigation. Known stressful situations must be addressed and there is now sufficient case law to reinforce this point.

Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive in 1998 stated that stress "should be treated like any other health hazard". Not all stress is harmfull of course. The challenge is to find just the right amount of pressure under which an individual can work effectively and consistently, allowing them to realise their true potential.

We recognise that people are the most important resource you have, and by putting them first, you are making a sound investment in your future. People do not work effectively when they are 'stressed out'.

How many important decisions in your business are made by people under stress?

Do you know how to identify stress in yourself and others?

We can provide a comprehensive stress care programme:

  • One hour personal stress awareness (further details on request)
  • Education and support
  • Individual counselling if required
  • Development of long term strategies for stress prevention


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