Telford Occupational Health Service

Employment Health Assessment

Employment screening and medical advice on prospective employees can avoid the costly pitfall of discovering an employees' medical conditions after employment.

The TOHS screening service provides employment knowledge and, in the event of subsequent employment, a datum point for future reference. The screening is linked to the specific needs of an individual company, in relation to the job profiles.

The purpose of the employment health assessment is to ascertain that:-

1. The employee is fit to carry out the job for which he/she is being employed;
2. He/she is not suffering from any abnormalities that could be aggravated by the job;
3. He/she is not suffering from any condition that could result in harm to others.

The straightforward and cost effective TOHS screening procedures is as follows:-

  • When an applicant is invited for interview, they are sent a medical questionnaire, together with an envelope marked "Medical In Confidence";
  • At the interview, the applicant hands to the prospective employer the sealed envelope containing the questionnaire. This in turn is passed on either to the company site nurse or to the TOHS Centre, for a rapid assessment of fitness for the job concerned;
  • The assessment of an applicant's health status [fit/unfit] is communicated back to the company within 24 hours;
  • A very small percentage of questionnaires will reveal a need for a full medical examination to be undertaken, either by a nurse or a doctor.

In addition to providing information on an individual's personal and medical history, the questionnaire also provides important information about the applicant's previous work history, including exposure to specific hazards and whether personal protective clothing or equipment was used.

It is considered that the foregoing arrangements for employment health assessment are efficient and cost-effective compared with having all new employees subjected to a full medical examination. Whilst employment screening is relevant in all jobs, it is absolutely essential in respect of certain specialised activities such as food handling and forklift truck driving.



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